01 taking off soon
02 can't take pics inside the plane
03 mokum
04 evening flight
05 airborne unset
06 airport
07 it sucks
08 this one too
09 all these photos suck
10 but people expect pictures
11 so there is hanguk kiwon
12 finally a pic I like
13 welcome to korea
14 woman pro tournament in hanguk kiwon
15 this was the firt pro tournament I saw live
16 I didn't want to make too much noise by continuous shooting
17 so many pic are out of focus
18 concentration
19 she doen't look too happy
20 they didn't play many standard sequences
21 also none of the players spoke english
22 some looked pretty young
23 these are the worst clocks I've ever used
24 she sat like this for half an hour, also nice shirt
25 they are apparently used to photographers and haven't even noticed me
26 unfortunately focued on her boobs
27 they only had one hour basic time and one minute byoyomi
28 late middle game
29 one girl one cup
30 ofer
31 tunga
32 korean style shared dinner
33 cho hye yeon 8p
34 scott
35 ofer getting his ass kicked in a 3 handi
36 hye yeon
37 our little village
38 wonderful ceiling
39 shrine or a bus stop mystery continues
40 en route to school
41 king' baduk center
42 worker's shelters
43 observatory up in the mountains
44 ugh
45 who knows what they're trying to tell me
46 ok now I understand (hey that was my road)
47 dirty little guy
48 random house
49 I don't wanna know
50 getting tired of walking
51 fields
52 rice
53 here the road just ended
54 at least it's square

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